Why Us?we look at IT differently than the other guys

We Look At IT Differently

IT DifferentlyAt Brightworks Group we want to understand a business behind the technology and people behind the business. We call this approach Human Focused IT™. Today, the Information Technology (IT) industry still takes a traditional approach when implementing technology for businesses. IT is perceived as a separate segment of a business, rather than as something that should be integrated into all of its other segments (human resources, operations, and finance).

It’s ineffective and unprofitable when businesses continue to invest capital in traditional approaches toward IT. Businesses must make a paradigm shift in how they think about technology. Technology must be designed with the business’ products, services, processes, and people in mind for how the systems need to work. From the beginning, Brightworks believes businesses need to consider how IT systems can enhance and impact their products or services.

When those within the IT industry shift their approach to be human centered, it allows the costs and spending for new technology to be equally integrated into the revenue cycle of a business. More of these costs can then become operating, rather than capital expenses. And what does this mean for businesses? It means these costs are now more predictable, and any spending on technology can be closely connected with key outcomes that help drive the business forward.

This is why Brightworks seeks to understand the business behind the technology and people behind the business. We stop pretending that there’s a distinction between the business, the people in the business, and the technology used by the business. We focus on how the human uses technology. In doing so, we are able to develop an IT strategy that digitizes a business and produces results to drive your business in the right direction.

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