Not all IT Companies Have our Street Cred

Street CredWe have street cred….from these clients

  • Fanimation
  • Teays River Investments
  • Indiana Business Advisors
  • RL Turner Corporation

Here’s the talk on the street….

“Brightworks consistently delivers a high level of technical expertise and customer service so we can focus on our core business. Brightworks is committed to efficiently resolving IT incidents, but more importantly they help us eliminate the root cause.” – Ed, Teays River Investments, LLC

“Our growing company has no dedicated IT staff or strong technology skills, so Brightworks’ Gap Analysis process really helped us understand where we needed to focus our efforts to make technology work more effectively for us. They helped us see things about how we use technology that we’d taken for granted or hadn’t thought about, while also validating where we were already being effective. Their recommendations have helped us plan more effectively for the coming year, and have already transformed some of our business processes.” – Jay, Fanimation, Inc.

“We hired Brightworks to migrate our 13 person team to Google Apps and the beginnings of a cloud based system. Brightworks executed exactly as the scope of work was written. The information that was being managed was that team member’s entire book of business. The risk was high. The Brightworks team effectively managed the personalities, trepidation, and unique workflow styles to get us all safely into the cloud. Our needs unexpectedly expanded during the migration due to some of our historical decisions involving hardware and software. The team evaluated our position and the most effective options in proceeding. Our system was moved effectively, and any customizations or questions have been fielded promptly.”  – Edwin Mysogland, Indiana Business Advisors

“We had lost faith in IT companies as a whole, but finding ourselves in the position to find another one we received a recommendation to contact Brightworks. Brightworks comes to the table with this new concept that really helped us think about how we use technology in new ways. They wanted to know what our expectations and direction for the future of RL Turner. Brightworks put together a comprehensive plan with varying options on how we could make this happen. More importantly, the options are based on proven practices and not an “in theory” concept. We enjoy working with Brightworks because they care about our success as a whole, not just the IT piece. If you think about it, Brightworks is the epitome of customer service.” – Teresa Lonas, RL Turner Corporation

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