Human Focused IT

The world, and the world of business, is changing faster today than ever before. Succeeding in this rapidly changing world as a business or an individual requires making the right choices about your business strategy. That strategy, and the technologies necessary to support it, then need to be implemented quickly and correctly. It has to be successfully integrated into your existing organization and legacy technologies. These technologies then need to be supported so that they maintain effectiveness until the next wave of change sweeps through and the process begins again.

Your workforce is mobile. They work from anywhere. Your customers are global and want your products and services delivered to them where they are when they want them. You need information everywhere; your people need to be able to work and make good decisions anytime, any place. At the same time you’re concerned about security, protecting your business, and compliance.

Work is not a place you go, it’s a thing you do.

The old approach to technology can’t keep up in this world. It’s slow. It’s full of risk. It isn’t mobile and it isn’t social. By the time it responds it’s too late.

Worse, it’s focused on the wrong things. It’s all about speeds and feeds and devices. It isn’t about people and your business.

You need a new approach.

The Brightworks Group brings a new approach – to people, to business, and to technology. Whether we’re handling your IT operations, helping you implement new software and processes, or coordinating your transformation to a cloud-enabled business, we learn about you – your people and your business – first. We help you develop strategies to transform your business through cloud, mobile, and social technologies. We work with you to implement those strategies quickly, and then integrate them with your existing technologies where needed. We then work with you to support these technologies so that they keep working and delivering benefits to you, your business, and your staff. That’s Human Focused IT.

“We had lost faith in IT companies as a whole, but finding ourselves in the position to find another one we received a recommendation to contact Brightworks. Brightworks comes to the table with this new concept that really helped us think about how we use technology in new ways. They wanted to know what our expectations and direction for the future of RL Turner. Brightworks put together a comprehensive plan with varying options on how we could make this happen. More importantly, the options are based on proven practices and not an “in theory” concept. We enjoy working with Brightworks because they care about our success as a whole, not just the IT piece. If you think about it, Brightworks is the epitome of customer service.” – Teresa Lonas, RL Turner Corporation

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