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ITWorks is Managed IT Services for Small to Mid-Sized Companies

Technology may run your business, but you’re not in the business of running technology. Trying to build your own IT staff with the skills to do everything you need is expensive and difficult.

Brightworks ITWorks is designed to solve these problems. ITWorks is IT managed services for small to mid-sized companies. ITWorks isn’t just a help desk. ITWorks is a completely managed IT service that can be adapted to fit your organization’s needs. Our focus is on proactively preventing problems by managing your IT, rather than waiting for something to break and then fixing it.

Let’s face it: all IT service providers tell you that they are the best. We can prove it. We have the metrics. You need your technology to help your business, and we can make that happen. Here’s how:




  1. First, we developed standards for how business technology should be operated and maintained to provide the best results,
  2. We assess your business against those standards, determining where your technology meets or exceeds the standards, or falls short.
  3. Through our onboarding processes, we address problems and deficiencies to bring your technology up to standards to ensure reliable and dependable operations.
  4. We put in place monitoring and maintenance routines to proactively prevent problems and outages based on our standards and the assessment of your business.
  5. We provide fast, responsive support for those issues that can’t be dealt with proactively.
  6. We develop a technology strategy for your business including technology purchasing and budgeting, and meet with you quarterly to review it. This is our “Virtual CIO” service.

The end result is that the number of support requests from your staff decline and the downtime and hassle of dealing with technology in your business goes away. Your staff will be more productive, you’ll be more informed and confident about your technology spending and management, and your business will be more successful.

If you’re tired of being frustrated by slow, sloppy, or ineffective IT operations management, or concerned that your IT provider doesn’t understand your unique concerns and challenges, contact us today for a free no obligation technology assessment and discussion. We’re so confident you’ll understand the value of our approach that the assessment is yours to keep.

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