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Are you having a little trouble getting technology to work for you and your business? Many times businesses come to us to solve a specific IT issue. Do any of these IT issues sound familiar to you?

My Email Doesn’t Work

Email is the heart and soul of your business – but you’re heartsick. You depend on email as a tool to keep you connected to your employees, your customers, and your partners, but it just isn’t working the way you’d like it to. You need your email to be as dependable as your phone.

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How we help:

– Email System Gap Analysis
– Email Gap Closure Recommendations
– Email System Alternatives Analysis
– Implementation Plan and Budget
– On-going Email System Management

There are as many uses of email as there are ways for it to not work. That’s why we’ll spend time analyzing your current email solution by looking at both the technology you use and what you want to accomplish with your email system. We’ll study your business processes to understand how they are and should be email-enabled. When we (and you) have a good grasp on how email should work for you, we’ll present you with different alternatives on how to get there. As always, our recommendation and plans will be complete and you’ll have a clear understanding of what it costs to get there.

Brightworks can then help you implement those plans by either doing the work ourselves or guiding you to select an email specialist to work with. When your email system is in top shape, Brightworks can provide on-going support to make sure it stays that way.

My Company Needs Better Technology Support

Technology should be vital to your business, but more often than not it seems like a burden rather than a blessing. Too often it isn’t working for you. Worse, when you call for help, you feel like you’re either speaking to an alien or you just don’t get much of a response. Meanwhile, you can feel the time and money slipping away – technology sometimes feels like it costs you more than it earns.

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How we help:

– Technology Support Gap Analysis
– Custom Support Recommendations
– Gap Closure Projects
– Brightworks’ Fundamentals, Dynamics, or Complete Support Services

Most technology support today is designed to be “one size fits all.” Support providers have developed a standard list of “best practices” that they apply to every business that they work with. There’s no effort put into understanding what makes you and your business unique, or to understand how your needs might be different. Most of the time “best practices” really aren’t the best for you, they’re best for keeping the costs of supporting you as low as possible. It’s cheap, but it turns out you get what you pay for.

Brightworks takes a different approach. We ask a lot of questions about you and your business, your goals, and your expectations. We study your business and develop an analysis and understanding of what you really need. We’ll help you design a support approach that works for you. If that approach doesn’t work with how we provide support best, we’ll coach you on and provide you with a set of criteria to use to interview other providers to be sure you get the right one. In either case, we’ll work with you to stabilize and clean up your current technology so that it can be effectively supported in the future.

We Want To Move To The Cloud

You didn’t go into business to be in the server-owning business – and yet servers seem to be accumulating around you. You’ve heard a lot about “The Cloud,” and maybe even terms like “Software-as-a-Service.” You may have even tried using cloud-hosted software personally or on a limited basis in your company.

You have concerns, though. Will our information be safe? Will we have control over our stuff? Will all of our applications and data work “in The Cloud?” What is “The Cloud” anyway?

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How we help:

– Cloud Migration Gap Analysis
– Cloud Migration Recommendations
– Cloud/SaaS Vendor Selection Assistance
– Cloud/SaaS Project and Operations Budget Development
– Cloud/SaaS Migration Project Implementation
– On-going Support and System Management

Not every server or application is a good candidate to be hosted or delivered via Software-as-a-Service. That’s why it’s important to start with an analysis of your technology environment to determine all of the human and technical dependencies that a migration to a hosted or cloud environment will need to support. When we understand how applications and servers need to be used in the organization, we’ll make recommendations on what needs to be done to the existing applications and servers to support those needs, and how those needs can best be met using cloud technologies. We’ll also explain what applications and server-delivered services aren’t a good fit for cloud or SaaS deployment.

From this, we’ll create a plan that details what needs to be done, step-by-step, to create a system that will reliably meet the needs of the business and staff. This plan will include a budget of all costs associated with implementing the plan. Brightworks will then help you perform the actual migration of your servers and data to a hosted or cloud-based environment.

After the migration, we’ll stick around to help you adjust. This means working out any “bugs” in the new system, but also helping your employees understand how to work with the new environment and deal with what may have changed in their workflow. We can even work with you long-term to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Our Computers Don’t Reliably Connect To Things

You have computers in your office, but they don’t always communicate with your other computers, printers, and other devices. Maybe your computers and servers don’t always communicate with the Internet or computers in another office when you need them to. Or, it may be that you need to connect your office with a remote location, and you aren’t sure of the best way to do that.
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How we help:

– Network Gap Analysis
– Network Inventory
– Network Problem Analysis
– Network Business Impact Analysis
– Network Gap Closure Recommendations
– Network Gap Closure Project Plan and Budget

In today’s always connected business environment, your network is vital to keeping your business running. If you’re having problems with your network, a permanent solution is vital. That’s why we’ll take the time to completely understand your network, how you use it, and what is and isn’t working before we make recommendations on how to solve your problems. While we’re triaging and fixing any acute issues, we’ll also be developing a long-term analysis and set of gap closure recommendations for you. By implementing these recommendations, we’ll help you ensure that your network runs as smoothly and reliably as possible so you can get on with business. Our on-going support will help keep it running that way in the future.

We Want Our Computers To Be Safe

Virus, hackers, crashed computers, disasters, and stolen data – all things you want to avoid! Maybe you’ve had to deal with some or all of these issues in the past, or maybe you want to minimize your exposure to these risks in the future.
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How we help:

– Data Protection Gap Analysis
– Vulnerability Findings
– Gap Closure Recommendations
– Implementation Plan
– On-going Data Protection Services

We work with you to understand your data protection situation and what aspects of data protection are most important to your business. We’ll help you understand backups, disaster recovery, protection from malicious software, and how to protect your business from the inappropriate use of and access to your technology. We’ll then share with you where your current data protection practices are effective and where they might be leaving you exposed.

The outcome of our analysis will be a set of data protection recommendations. We’ll also provide an implementation plan and budget for addressing the gaps we’ve found in your data protection approach. Finally, we’ll work with you to implement these recommendations through a series of projects and provide ongoing support to help you protect your company’s data.

We Want To Use Our Own Stuff

You’re unique, the work you do is unique, and the tools you use to do that work need to be unique, too. A standard, locked down company-issued laptop and phone just don’t cut it! You want to select your own devices and work with software that works the way you work – and you want your staff to do the same.

As a business owner, though, you’re worried and have many questions that need to be answered. How will we control costs and keep our information safe if the technology we use isn’t standardized? What if people can’t effectively communicate because their devices and software won’t talk? What if it turns into complete chaos? Won’t that be expensive to support?


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How we help:

– Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Gap Analysis
– BYOD Program Strategy & Policy Development
– BYOD Gap Closure Recommendations
– BYOD Implementation Plan
– Gap Closure Projects and Program Implementation
– On-going Support

Crafting an effective approach to BYOD means understanding what you and your staff want to achieve with the program, as well as understanding what safeguards need to be put in place to protect your information. We’ll work with you to define the aims and goals of your BYOD program. We’ll then study your technology environment to understand any gaps that exist in being able to provide BYOD access to you and your employees. We’ll also analyze your business and the information you access to understand what needs to be protected and how.

Out of this analysis we’ll help you draft your program strategy and policies and craft an implementation plan. We can then help you implement your plan, including projects designed to close any gaps in your current technology that might keep your BYOD program from being successful. As you go forward, we’ll be there to help you keep the program running smoothly.

We Want To Work Remotely

In nearly every business today, work and employees are becoming more dispersed. People work in different cities, states, and even countries. You and your staff travel, but still need to connect to each other and to your information. Mobility is the name of the game.

It isn’t always easy, though, to make mobility and remote work function. Between the rapidly changing technologies, your legacy applications, and the business process and policy implications, trying to allow people to work effectively when they’re away from the office can be a real challenge.

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How we help:

– Mobility Gap Analysis
– Mobile and Remote Access Policy and Process Development
– Mobility Technology Recommendations
– Mobility Gap Closure Projects
– Mobility and Remote Access Program Implementation
– On-going Support

Brightworks can help you understand how ready you are to implement mobile and remote access in terms of your technology and your business processes and policies. By performing a Mobility Gap Analysis, we’ll help you understand where you are and aren’t ready to implement a program of providing remote and mobile access to your staff and partners. From that understanding, we can help you develop a strategy for providing a level of remote access technology that fits your needs and budget. We’ll identify the projects, technologies, and costs you need to consider, and help you implement your plans. We’ll also help you keep it all running, so that you never have to worry about not having access to your vital information when you’re on that trip to close the big deal.

We Aren’t Sure How To Best Use Our Technology

You know that technology is vital to your business, but it isn’t *why* you started your business. Technology is there to support and extend your reach and capabilities, but too often it’s a stumbling block, confusing, or doesn’t result in the outcomes you thought it would – or what you paid for.

Still, you know you need it, and you want it to give your business an edge. In the end, you want technology to transform your business’ processes and save you money, time, and effort. What you need is someone to help you understand how to do that.

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How we help:

– Business/Technology Gap Analysis
– Technology Strategy Development
– Technology Budget Development
– Gap Closure Recommendations
– Technology Strategy and Gap Closure Project Implementation
– On-going Technology Strategy, Implementation, and Operations Support

Brightworks will study your business and the way you use technology today, learning about what you want to achieve and what is and isn’t working for you. We’ll help you put together a technology strategy designed to support your business goals. We’ll help you select technologies that help your employees be more effective and secure. Then, we’ll help you understand how best to implement all of this in a way that works with your finances and budget.

Digital devices are supposed to amplify your value and time, not disrupt it. By helping you create a holistic understanding of your current technology use and a comprehensive plan for the future, Brightworks helps you reach that goal.

Note: The recommendations and Gap analysis plans (complete Gap Analysis or [Fill In The Blank] Gap Analysis) are the property of you, the client, and you can work with your service provider of choice to implement the plan if you choose not to work further with Brightworks. As a service provider ourselves, Brightworks may be one of your options as a support provider. If you choose Brightworks as your provider, implementation of our recommendations and plans is part of the client on-boarding process.

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