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Managed Help Desk Services Save You Time, Money, and Hassle

Your staff needs their technology to work. When it doesn’t, they need it fixed quickly. Your IT staff are working on valuable projects, trying to make the company more profitable and efficient. You can’t afford to have expensive engineering talent doing desktop support. Let’s be honest – your IT staff really doesn’t want to do it, anyway.

That’s where we come in. We’ve built a team of world-class technology support professionals – who enjoy and want to work with your staff on these issues. We’ve equipped them with the absolute best tools for the job – like Autotask, AEM, and IT Glue – to make them super-responsive, super-efficient, and to have complete information about your company, your past support issues, your processes, and your environment at their fingertips. We’ve trained them, not just in the best technical training, but in customer service and IT service management. And then we threw away the traditional support tier system and replaced it with a concierge approach so every request is handled and owned by the same committed, accountable team member for as long as it’s open – backed up by a team of subject matter experts to help solve the problem.

The result is a help desk experience like you’ve never had. A help desk experience your staff will actually love and that will get them back working quickly and with a minimum of hassle. In fact, with the proactive monitoring and alerting tools we use, combined with sophisticated remote control, a lot of the time we’ll know before you do that there’s a problem brewing, and will fix it without ever disturbing your staff. Oh, and this cracker-jack team is located in the Midwest so you won’t be paying for their expensive living expenses, either.

So, what do you get?

  • Initial business hours service request response times of under 30 minutes, via a phone call, from a real, live person,
  • Real Service Level Agreements that we comply with,
  • Options for unlimited 8X5 and 24×365 remote support or unlimited full-service support (including onsite),
  • Elimination of your support backlog,
  • Proactive monitoring of all of your desktops, laptops, and even mobile devices, for proactive maintenance and policy enforcement,
  • Collaboration with your IT staff to support your company,
  • Sophisticated documentation and knowledge management tools we share with you and your staff to ensure accuracy and two-way knowledge transfer,
  • A full set of regular, customizable reports so you can keep tabs on the overall health of your end-station fleet and the quality and timeless of the support your staff are receiving,
  • Device OS and Microsoft patch management,
  • Absolutely incredible customer service!

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