10 reasons to choose Brightworks

IT Differently

1. Flat-rate, per user billing.

With Brightworks you pay a single, per user fee per month for all of your support needs. There are no per-device or per-hour charges associated with our support agreements. Regardless if the support is delivered remotely or onsite, it’s covered. Our support includes fixing your problems in addition to providing system monitoring and software updates, again for a single, per-user fee.

2. Direct access to your own, assigned Technology Concierge.

We turn the “Support Pyramid” upside down. Rather than calling a “help” desk or sending in a support ticket to a very junior technician that can only ask questions and then eventually transfer you to someone with more experience, you’ll be assigned a permanent senior level Technology Concierge who is responsible for owning your support issues, diagnosing problems, providing technology advice, and overseeing the efforts of an entire support team to help you.

3.Business focused, not technology focused.

Technology is an essential business tool today. We remember that it’s a tool, and not the driver. We understand business and make business concerns the primary concern in helping you.

4.Predictable, reliable, timely invoicing.

We pride ourselves on our predictable invoicing, always delivered at the same times each month. Not only will you know how much your bill will be every month, you’ll know when to expect it. That shouldn’t be a differentiator in our industry, but it is.

5.Trusted Partnerships

We’ve carefully selected vendors to partner with that are either already the vendors that our customers know and trust, or that we have personal experience with and know can deliver. We carefully curated our list of partners to focus on those and only those that truly can provide a key piece of the customer experience we deliver.

6.Experienced technology team.

Your Technology Concierge isn’t on their own. He or she is not only a very experienced technologist, but heads a team of other knowledgeable technical staff. You get the benefit of a single technical point of contact with the reliability and flexibility of an expert technical team.

7. Transparency.

We hate surprises and we know when it comes to your business, you do too. We constantly work to make sure you understand everything we’re doing to support you, what problems we’re seeing, and how those might impact you, your staff, and your business. Most importantly, we’re clear with you before we take any actions that might cause any system downtime for you.


We communicate fanatically. We use multiple channels of communications – our ticketing system, our project management system, email, telephone, video conferencing, and most importantly, face-to-face to keep you up to date on what’s going on. We pride ourselves on being quickly and easily available during business hours, and in making sure that when we do communicate with you it’s timely, relevant, and easy to understand.

9.Pro-active approach.

We want to stop your problems before they happen. Rather than only responding to your requests, we take the time at the beginning of our relationship with you to thoroughly understand your technology environment, and to help you understand the “gaps” in that environment that might cause you problems over time. We work with you to close those gaps and strive to reduce your overall number of support requests over time. Our success isn’t measured in the number of tickets we close for you, it’s measured by how few tickets you need to open with us at all.

10.We have skin in the game.

Because we charge a fixed monthly rate for support, we have an incentive to fix your problems quickly and completely the first time. Hourly support charges give the wrong incentive: the longer it takes to fix the problem, the more lucrative it is for the support provider.

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