The Team

Doug Miller

Owner & CEO

Mr. Miller has extensive information technology operations experience in manufacturing, financial services, and health care, as well as deep consulting background in many more industries. He is adept in roles requiring diverse skill sets that allow him to function effectively in deeply technical roles while also serving as a project manager, a business process consultant, and a leader of technical teams. Doug began his career as a system administrator and web developer, and quickly moved into leadership and customer-facing roles. Much of Doug’s experience has been in startup companies where he was required to provide hands-on engineering support one moment, and then shift into a leadership or pre-sales role the next. He eventually moved into a senior technical leadership position in a large public hospital, where he was responsible for leading the Tier IV engineering function in a 24/7/365 IT environment. Doug moved from there into several years of consulting, which included managing the migration of a hospital data center from the hospital itself to a remote hosting facility while not disrupting clinical operations – a project he completed well within budget and on time. He has also recently lead a project to replace existing hospital bed-side workstations with a new, VDI-based single-sign-on system, significantly streamlining clinical workflow.

Service Delivery Manager, Apparatus, Indianapolis, IN
Senior Solutions Architect, Innovative Integration, Inc., Indianapolis IN
Manager, Technical Analytics, Wishard Health Services; Indianapolis IN
Chief Technical Officer/EVP Operations, iRobotics/Vestient; Indianapolis IN
Director of Information Technology, Analytical Surveys Inc; Indianapolis IN
Chief Information Officer, Cybo Robots; Indianapolis IN

Sean Shepard

Business Development

Sean joins us with many years of IT experience. Previously, Sean was an IT Director, owned a business and managed IT Operations. He also worked in IT Sales and Marketing. Having these past work experiences has given Sean a very consultative approach to working with customers and solving their business problems using technology.

Sean is knowledgeable in many technical areas including virtualization, telecommunications and networking. He holds VOP-CP and VSP-CP (VMware Operations and Sales Professional – Cloud Provider) as well a Nimble Installation and Operations Professional (NIOP) certification.

Sean has been involved in the IT world since a very young age. At age 14, he even wrote and sold copies of his first software program. In the mid 90’s he was also featured in an episode of “Life on the Internet” related to the new area of Internet trademark and copyright issues.

When Sean isn’t improving the IT sales and marketing world, he can be seen reading about business, technology and economics. You might even hear him on a local Indianapolis radio show as a guest discussing tax and economic policy.


Jayson Conley

Senior Project Engineer

Jayson has been working in the technology industry for nearly 20 years. He began his IT career in System Administration and he was also an IT Director for 7 years.

Jayson holds certifications in networking, security, problem solving methodologies, and IT management.

He enjoys technology and solving technological challenges, but his true passion is building relationships and understanding how technology can empower people to do great things.

When Jayson is not helping serve the deeply rewarding BrightWorks mission, he can be found playing drums in a band or DJ’ing at events around Indy. He is also a certified yoga instructor and avid fitness enthusiast.

Jayson currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife Missy, two daughters, Lyric and Jazzy, and his oh-so-adorable-and-slightly-rotten Golden Doodle, Karma.


Micheal Parker

Service Delivery Manager

From an early age Micheal has always been deeply interested in computing. It was his uncle, introducing him to the computer systems at his workplace that first sparked this interest. He can always remember the feeling of wanting to know just how computers worked, why they worked and what else they could do.

Over the years this interest has never escaped Micheal, only growing more profound and passionate with every new discovery he made. From seeing the wonders of the Internet for the first time to the new generation of Cloud computing, computers have left Micheal fascinated with just how much power yet mystery they hold.

Micheal is a Service Delivery Manager for Brightworks Group. While being an enthusiastic advocate of technology he is also devoted to helping others understand a better use of technology. Micheal has always said that his lifelong yearning has been to help and teach others and learn from the experiences that combine humans and technology.


Jesse Johnson

Operations Engineer

In January of 1983, Apple released the Lisa, and fundamentally changed the face of personal computing. More importantly, 6 months later, future Apple devotee Jesse Johnson was born. From an early age he displayed a prolific sense of devotion to the Cupertino fruit company, as if he had been born with their kool aid flowing through his veins.

It wasn’t easy growing up in the 90′s being a young Mac user. The company was in turmoil, the platform plagued with problems, butJesse held fast, defending his favorite computer company at ever turn from the myriad of naysayers and anti-Mac Windows users. Then, with the glorious return of Steve Jobs, Jesse’s lifelong devotion was finally rewarded.

Since coming of age, he has worked tirelessly to spread the good word of Apple ownership and it’s many benefits, while learning the ways of Windows and any other system he could get his hands on. He currently resides in Carmel with his very patient wife and two budding nerdist daughters, working from his home office, a veritable museum of all that is great from Apple.

Jesse is a Certified Apple Associate in Mac Integration.


Jason Givens

Operations Engineer

Jason has worn many IT hats. Before joining the Brightworks Group team, Jason worked as a Systems Engineer, a Networking Architectect, and an Infrastructure Engineer.

Jason holds many certifications as well, such as CompTia A+, ITIL v3 Foundation, VMWare VCA-DCV6, Microsoft, MCP – Server 2012 R2 and Sonicwall CSSA.

Jason is a lifelong Chicagoan, having lived there for over 26 years.

When not using his IT talents to make the world a safer place for all, Jason spends his spare time working as a professional drummer and can often be seen reading books by the author Robert Greene.


Darnell Gaines

Operations Technician

Darnell grew up and currently lives in the Chicago area and we are happy to have his expertise as an Operations Engineer on our team.

Darnell comes to us with a wealth of IT knowledge. His previous work adventures consisted of providing network support for a wide range of businesses such as Formula One in Austin, TX, the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons Hotels.

Darnell currently holds an Associates of Science degree. He is also A+ certified, Network+ certified, has taken classes for Cisco training and he is currently working on retraining to obtain his CCNA.

Darnell Gaines is a jack of all trades. Besides being an asset to the IT world, he is also an audio engineer, currently working on his groups acapella gospel album, has a musically perfect pitch, and has a 90+ mph fastball.

In his spare time, Darnell loves to travel with his family, which includes his fiancee, his son and his daughter. He also enjoys playing basketball with his son and staying busy working around his home.


Bill Zimmerman

Operations Engineer

Bill comes to us with over 12 years of IT experience. He has excelled in systems administration for users and worked with complex server systems going all the way back to XP and Server 2000. Bill has also done quite a bit of network building and support work as well as executing client projects.

Bill has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Indiana University and a Masters of Information and Communication Sciences from Ball State University.

When Bill is not putting out IT fires, he is putting out real fires. Bill is also a firefighter for the City of Indianapolis and has over 19 years in the fire service.

In his limited spare time, Bill is currently working on mastering the infamous Rubik’s Cube. His best time is currently 1 minute and 46 seconds. He also enjoys camping, hiking and fishing.

Bill currently lives in the Indianapolis area with his wife of 17 years Stacey and their two sons, Zachary and Thomas, and the family’s 2 year old Havanese named Bentley.


Ian Miller

Operations Technician

Ian Miller is an Operations Technician here at the Brightworks Group.

Ian is based in the Muncie, IN area and has lived in Carmel since the 2nd grade.

When Ian is not travelling to clients and making sure all is right in the IT world, he can often be found playing video games on this computer.

Ian is currently working on an Associate’s Degree in Informatics at Ivy Tech. He also holds a CompTIA A+ Certification.

In Ian’s spare time, he also likes to hangout with his family and play fetch with his dogs.


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