Our service desk has always been our first point of contact with many of our customers. The monitoring and troubleshooting performed by the Brightworks Technical Operations team is how most of our customers know us and is vital to their success as a business. We recognize this, and spend a lot of time and resources to maintain a high quality of service from Technical Operations.

So, we are happy to announce that this month we’ve expanded the staffing for our service desk considerably. We have several new staff that have joined our technical operations team. We have added six new Operations Technicians that will work with our existing Operations Engineers to provide technical operations and support assistance to our customers. Some customers are already working with our new staff, and we will phase others in as the new team members become familiar with our customer’s environments.

Adding staff allows us to also expand services. We now have the capability to provide 24/7 IT operations support to our clients. If you are interested in this expanded coverage, please give us a call at (317) 983-5000/(312) 637-3329, email us at sales@brightworksgroup.net, or speak with your assigned IT Operations Manager.

With the expansion of our team and capabilities, we also have a need for expanded leadership of the Technical Operations team. Beginning this month, John “Boomer” Boomershine is taking over the role of Chief Operating Officer with the Technical Operations Team reporting directly to him. He’s assisted in this role by Micheal Parker acting as Brightwork’s new Support Manager. If you have any questions about Technical Operations and our new expanded team, please reach out to Boomer and Micheal!