Forgive the very geeky post, but for those following us who are of the engineering persuasion, this is useful information:

VMware VSAN and Atlantis ILIO USX Join Forces on Software-Defined Storage

As part of the ongoing partnership between VMware and Atlantis Computing, we are excited to announce at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) a joint solution that integrates the ability of VSAN to pool local solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disks (HDDs) with the Atlantis ILIO USX software-defined storage solution to extend and optimize VSAN. Using Atlantis ILIO USX, IT organizations can pool VSANs with existing shared SAN, NAS and All-Flash storage, while optimize it with Atlantis ILIO In-Memory Storage technology to boost performance, reduce storage capacity and provide storage services such as high availability, fast cloning and unified management across all datacenter storage hardware.

This represents a significant opportunity for organizations moving toward software-defined storage (VSAN) technologies that have existing SAN and NAS devices they need/want to continue using. VSAN technologies are key to the future of virtualization and cloud technologies, even for smaller deployments. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss the place of VSANs in your IT Operations.