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About Brightworks

Welcome to Brightworks Group, your trusted partner in AI-driven cybersecurity and technology operations consulting. We specialize in providing Managed security and technology operations and technology consulting across diverse industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Engineering, Distribution, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Multi-Location Businesses.

At Brightworks Group, we understand that many businesses face an increasingly challenging operational environment. The security threat is ever-evolving. New technologies challenge existing business models and processes. Internal IT teams are stretched to keep up with the day-to-day. They lack the resources to evaluate, implement, and operate the tools and processes they need to keep up with complex demands and threats. All businesses are now "technology companies" that relay on IT as a strategic resources, and need to effectively manage the security risk.

Having navigated this complex terrain for decades, we've gained valuable insights and witnessed significant technological advancements. Armed with this knowledge, we act as trusted advisors and operational partners to your existing technology and security teams. Our approach is operational rather than tool-based or incident-based.

We are the experts behind your experts. 


Meet the Minds Driving Innovation –

Our Exceptional Team at Brightworks Group.

“Despite Eskenazi Health having best in class monitoring tools, extremely talented engineers and a 24/7 NOC, Brightworks monitoring can’t be beaten. While they only manage the infrastructure for one of our more significant services, they are the first to acknowledge, report and respond when any adverse event takes place. Between their knowledgeable staff, an acute sense of urgency and unprecedented monitoring/tools, they are, without a doubt, the best choice for managed services.”

-Melissa Conley | CTO, Eskenazi Health

Jayson Conley

Chief Operating Officer

In a tech landscape often dominated by introverted engineers, Jayson Conley stands out as the vibrant COO at Brightworks Group. His multifaceted role extends beyond traditional expectations, encompassing internal management, meticulous technical reviews, and client-focused account management. Jayson’s extroverted nature makes him the reliable face clients can count on, and his intrinsic passion drives him every day. Throughout his career at Brightworks and with other organizations, Jayson’s journey from music to IT has been unexpected yet rewarding. Outside of work, he’s a devoted family man and a self-proclaimed fitness junkie. Jason's experience includes a 17 year stint as the IT Director of the Indiana Department of housing, making him our internal expert for public sector organizations.

Ben Miller

Chief Revenue Officer

Ben Miller is an experienced executive in the tech industry with over 23 plus years leading organizations. His expertise lies in Sales, Marketing, Change Management, Operations, Branding and Go To Marketing strategies.  He has served as SVP of sales and marketing and channels in several SaaS companies in CCaaS, UCaaS and Cybersecurity. 

Named 3 times as CRN Magazine Top 50 most influential and powerful leaders in the IT channel.

Ian Miller

Director of Engineering

With over a decade of experience at Brightworks Group LLC, Ian Miller has been instrumental in shaping the company’s engineering landscape. As an Engineering Manager since April 2022, Ian has led his team through significant projects and innovations. His expertise is backed by a solid foundation as an Operations Engineer, a role he has excelled in for more than 10 years. Ian’s leadership was pivotal as an Operations Manager for three years, where he honed his skills in managing complex IT infrastructures.

Ian is recognized for his contributions to virtualization and cybersecurity, particularly in adapting to the challenges of remote workforce management. His commitment to professional growth is evident in his active participation in industry events, such as the exclusive webinar with Timus on Security & Productivity with Remote Workforce.

A well-respected member of the Carmel, Indiana tech community, Ian’s interests align with cutting-edge companies like Webroot and Scale Computing. His professional journey is a testament to his dedication to excellence and innovation in the field of IT engineering.



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