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Elevating Technology and Security Operations

At Brightworks Group, we redefine consulting with a focus on technology and security operations. As trusted advisors to IT leaders and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), we address the intricate challenges organizations face in optimizing their IT infrastructure and security operations. Our approach is not just consultative; it's transformative.

Partner with Brightworks Group for Exceptional Results

Choosing Brightworks Group as your consulting partner guarantees exceptional results. Our expertise, proactive processes, and industry-leading tools optimize technology operations and security for unprecedented success. Join us on a transformative journey where consulting is not just a service but a catalyst for your organization's growth.

Contact Us to explore how Brightworks Group can redefine your technology and security landscape, unlocking a future of unparalleled efficiency and resilience.

IT Strategy & Advisory
  • Technology auditing, assessment, and roadmap and strategy development. 

  • Technical Alignment Process – a recurring technology assessment process built on 200+ standards and best practices.

  • vCIO/vCISO – technology strategy/roadmap development and periodic strategy sessions

Consulting Projects
  • Virtualization

  • Cloud Migration

  • Facility builds/moves

  • Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Security Assessment & Remediations

Co-Managed IT
  • Partnering with you to enhance and support your existing IT team.

  • Brightworks Group brings specific expertise and knowledge on an ongoing basis.

  • Access to enterprise-level tools.

  • Implementation of industry best practices.


Brightworks Group delivers holistic technology and security operations consulting services, collaborating closely with clients to identify areas for improvement and devising proactive processes. We believe in the power of best-of-breed tools to enhance technological capabilities, providing recommendations and implementations that keep organizations ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our co-managed IT and security services seamlessly integrate with existing teams, ensuring unparalleled support and guidance.

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